After months of user testing, Twitter just introduced a new algorithm to timelines that will show tweets out of order. But don’t worry – this update isn’t a scary as it sounds.

How does it work?

When you open Twitter after some time away, a collection of the best tweets that you missed will show up at the top of your timeline. The rest of your timeline will appear exactly the same. Basically, the better your content, the more likely it is to be shown.

The social media platform stated that this new update is a way to “help people see Tweets that are important to them — from their favorite athletes, musicians, politicians, or brands.”

5 Things You Need To Know About the Twitter Timeline Change

  1. These tweets will be shown at the top of your timeline, whether you are logged in via the Twitter app or on the web
  2. With this update, whether it comes from a brand, consumer, or athlete, the best content shines through
  3. The tweets that show up in your automated timeline will only be from people that you currently follow
  4. The new timeline’s available for everyone today on Android, iOS and the Web, but users can turn it off
  5. Even if you don’t opt in to the new feature, Twitter will turn it on for you “in coming weeks”

Don’t Like This Update? Learn How to Turn it Off (For Now)

On the web, go to settings, under content, look for timeline and toggle the box next to show me the best tweets first to change the setting.

On mobile, you go to settings and look for timeline or timeline personalization to turn off this feature.


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