Get ready. Facebook is rolling out its biggest update to Business Pages yet. And perhaps the most exciting part? These new updates are tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. 

So what’s the change?

Facebook is integrating online shopping and e-commerce additions to Business Pages.Why? According to the network, this will help businesses earn revenue and create a deeper customer engagement layer.

With the integration of Facebook and online shopping, this update will feature a tabbed mobile layout that displays storefront “Sections” where users can “Shop” for products or view a list of “Services” the business offers.

The network is also making calls to action on Pages, such as “Call Now,” and “Contact Us,”. These will be bigger, more colorful and more prominent.

How can you prepare your brand? 

Below are 3 major updates coming with this change.

  1. New and more prominent call to action buttons. Marketers can promote three actions—”call now,” “send message” and “contact us.” Make sure you’ve selected the appropriate actions for your business. 
  2. Improved Page layout. With new layout changes, Pages will have better organized information and associated creative. Review the copy on your Facebook Page to make sure your brand is consistent with the new calls-to-action. 
  3. Focus on mobile. Facebook is improving the page layout so it displays well on mobile devices and is easier to update for small business owners on-the-go. Make sure your content and images are mobile friendly. 

It’s no surprise this update came soon after Facebook launched tools to simplify private message communications in August. We’re excited to see what’s ahead.

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