From 140 characters to filtered images, the world’s largest social networks vary in growth and approach. Just like decisions made for your business, not every tweet and post should be the same.

Your customers and fans are searching for engagement and variation of content – and we’re here to help ensure you do just that.

Read on for tips and tricks to generate the right type of content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


With the competition for paid content and sponsored posts, Facebook holds a once-secret algorithm that your brand must follow to help ensure your content is viewed.

So what’s the secret?

Affinity Score. Edge Weight. Time Decay.

Affinity Score. Facebook calculates affinity score by looking at explicit actions that users take, and factoring in 1) the strength of the action, 2) how close the person who took the action was to you, and 3) how long ago they took the action.

Edge Weight. Each category of edges has a different default weight. In plain English, this means that comments are worth more than likes.

Time Decay. As a story gets older, it loses points because it’s “old news.”

What does this mean for your Facebook page? It means Content is King. Focus on engagement with your posts – ask questions from your fans and post images that will elicit comments. Encourage consistency with your posts. Create a social content calendar that you will follow closely.


We all love 140 characters, don’t we?

Born as a conversational social network, brands on Twitter should aim to stay true with this original intention.

As we delve deeper into 2014, content on Twitter is focused on visuals. Our number one suggestion? Include images with your tweets and links to your website or blog. When viewed on Twitter’s native platforms, images display in-line with your feed and attract attention from your audience. Make yourself noticed.


Our favorite selfie network, Instagram thrives on filtered images and contrasted visuals.

We are increasingly seeing images of high-quality thrive on this network. From budding photographers with great phone cameras to inspirational celebrity quotes, Instagram changes day after day.

When uploading images on this network, focus on images with quality. Though this network began as one that welcomed out-of-focus photos, Instagram is now thriving on amateur photography.

From engagement to visual content, generating the right type of content takes time and attention for your brand.

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