Social Media Community Managers are those nimble beings we rely on to be our company’s advocates and ambassadors on social media and within the online community. They generally deal with those who haven’t heard of the company they work for, to build awareness of the brand. Here are five quick community manager tips to success, making sure you’re kept on track. 

1. Brand Tone

Know the way your brand thinks, speaks and interacts with others. Even if you are advocating for your brand with a handle other than the brand’s main one, you should still sound the same. A cohesive tone is integral to your success.

2. Quick Response (See, “nimble beings”)

Being quick to respond shows that you care. And this doesn’t mean just during the hours of nine to five. Your responses should be fast around the clock. Hire accordingly.

3. Keeping it Cool

In the digital world, a crisis can emerge at any moment, at light speed. Evil internet trolls are doing their best to raise your blood pressure, so take a deep breath and rise above it.

4. Be Bold

That’s not to say that you should just roll over and submit to the evil ways of the trolls. Far from it. Be bold with what you know to be true, and don’t be afraid to toe the line between bold and aggressive. Return like with like, and don’t let internet bullies get the best of you.

5. But…don’t be a jerk

Always remember that you are fighting your battles on a public forum. Effective community managers need to remain professional in their dealings with the public, and interact in a clean, fair manner.

If you speak with your brand’s tone, be quick and nimble with your responses, keep your cool during crisis, and manage to find the right balance between boldness and politeness, you’ll be killing it as a Community Manager in no time.


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