Yelp Review Management Services

Monitor, respond & maintain a positive brand presence with our Yelp Review Management Services.

Transforming Yelp Challenges into Opportunities

Maintaining a strong online reputation is crucial for businesses, but managing Yelp reviews can be time-consuming and challenging. Negative reviews can quickly damage a brand’s image, while positive reviews often go unnoticed. You need a reliable partner to handle your Yelp review management effectively, and our experts are here to help.

Why Yelp Review Management is Essential

How ICUC Turns Yelp Reviews into Assets

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

Our team of social media experts continuously monitors Yelp reviews, ensuring that no feedback goes unnoticed. This always-on approach means your brand keeps up with customer conversation, and keeps sentiment high.

Brand Reputation Tracking

Gain valuable insights into how your brand is perceived on Yelp. Brand reputation tracking gives your brand a leg up on strategic decision-making and continuous reputation improvement.

Sentiment Analysis and Reporting

ICUC employs advanced sentiment analysis tools to gauge customer sentiment accurately. Our detailed reports help you understand the nuances of customer feedback, which means you know when, where, and how to improve your online relationships.

Proactive Review Response

Our experts craft personalized responses to both positive and negative reviews, showcasing your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Proactive engagement not only addresses concerns but can also transform dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation

In today’s digital landscape, your online reputation can make or break your business. ICUC’s Yelp Review Management Services empower you to take control and turn every review into an opportunity for growth and improvement.

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High-risk community escalations that mitigated crisis

Countless surprise and delight campaigns

Across social, over 25,000 items moderated, 14,000 mentions tracked, and 1,000 items escalated per month, on average


•  Hiring a large social listening team with aligned values

•  Knowing how to optimize User Generated Content (UGC)

•  Social media crisis support during the COVID-19 crisis


•  ICUC’s strong “big brand” background

•  Fast integration into ICUC’s platform-specific social listening tools

•  24/7, culture-driven customer care capabilities

FAQs About Yelp Marketing Services

Yelp is a powerful platform where customers share their experiences, good or bad. With over 97% of online users saying they scope out reviews before they buy, brands cannot afford to dismiss review management. Almost 50% say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. Our team of social media experts works 24/7 to engage with customers, address concerns, and maintain a positive brand presence on Yelp – helping you to connect, build trust, and drive growth.

ICUC’s Yelp Review Management service provides comprehensive monitoring, response, and reputation management for brands across the Yelp platform. 

While this service focuses on Yelp, ICUC offers comprehensive review management services across multiple platforms, including Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, ensuring a holistic approach to online reputation management.

Yes, whether you are a small business or a large corporation, effective Yelp review management is crucial for maintaining a strong online presence and fostering customer trust.

Our team monitors, identifies, and categorizes Yelp reviews as frequently as you need. This ensures prompt responses and timely engagement with your audience.

We begin our partnership by understanding your goals for Yelp and how we should engage with your audience, followed by ongoing monitoring and response management. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience that enhances your brand’s reputation.

Getting started is simple! Contact us to book a meeting, and our team will guide you through the process, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

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