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Unleash the full power of community-driven marketing with our professional services crafted for Discord, the untapped social media goldmine.

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Maintain a Positive and Safe Community on Discord and Improve Engagement 

A Discord community is a place where your brand loyalists are engaged and passionate about your products, services and brand, but success doesn’t happen on its own. Looking to launch or improve your Discord server? Get in touch with ICUC to create your playbook and kickstart an engaged community.

How Your Organization Can Benefit From Our Discord Marketing Services

Discover the Services that ICUC Can Provide for Your Brand

Develop an Engaging Strategy on Discord

At ICUC we specialize in helping businesses leverage the power of Discord for their social media marketing. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a customized strategy that aligns with your brand and objectives. Learn more.

Boost your Discord account with community management

Managing a thriving Discord server community can be challenging, but not with ICUC community management and moderation services. Our experienced community managers will take care of all the day-to-day tasks, ensuring that your members feel valued and engaged while maintaining a positive and inclusive environment.

Establish meaningful connections with your audience on Discord

With our state-of-the-art social listening tools, you can gain valuable insights into what your community is saying across Discord servers. Stay ahead of the conversation and engage with your audience in a meaningful way to build strong relationships and increase brand loyalty. Learn more.

Ensure best practices are being followed for a positive user experience

Moderation is key to maintaining a healthy and safe online space. With ICUC’s advanced discord social media moderation tools, you can easily enforce rules, remove unwanted content, and keep your community free from spam, harassment, and other harmful behavior.

Crafting Connections, Driving Conversations, Amplifying Impact​

Nurturing a Discord server community isn’t just about posting; it’s about listening, adapting, and engaging in genuine dialogue. The team at ICUC doesn’t just post content. We build relationships that resonate, converting passive viewers into vocal brand advocates.

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With Us, You Get Full-Stack Discord Support


High-risk community escalations that mitigated crisis

Countless surprise and delight campaigns

Across social, over 25,000 items moderated, 14,000 mentions tracked, and 1,000 items escalated per month, on average


•  Hiring a large social listening team with aligned values

•  Knowing how to optimize User Generated Content (UGC)

•  Social media crisis support during the COVID-19 crisis


•  ICUC’s strong “big brand” background

•  Fast integration into ICUC’s platform-specific social listening tools

•  24/7, culture-driven customer care capabilities

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