Social Media Listening Services

Back with AI social listening technology, track, analyze, and optimize every brand, industry, and competitor mention.

You can be the first to know what is being said about your brand.

Partner with our social listening teams to understand when, where, and how your brand is talked about online. Our suite of best-in-class, AI-backed social listening tools is powered by skilled analysts who monitor the social web for brand risks, competition, opportunities, audience intel, and more. Understand the best tool for your team through our team of experts.

How social listening produces ROI

  • High-risk community escalations that mitigated crisis
  • Countless surprise and delight campaigns
  • Across social, over 25,000 items moderated, 14,000 mentions tracked, and 1,000 items escalated per month, on average

•  Hiring a large social listening team with aligned values

•  Knowing how to optimize User Generated Content (UGC)

•  Social media crisis support during the COVID-19 crisis

  • ICUC’s strong “big brand” background
  • Fast integration into ICUC’s platform-specific social listening tools
  • 24/7, culture-driven customer care capabilities