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From chatbots to queue management, we’ve got you covered.

Get covered with comprehensive digital customer service

Outsourcing comprehensive digital customer care service will save you money in traditional staffing costs while assuring your customers walk away at the end of the day with a good thing to say. We are your after-hours eyes and ears so you don’t have to be.

ICUC’s expertise lies in a balance of automation and humans merging together with a solid workflow and coordinated effort to provide the optimal customer engagement on social, website, or eCommerce platforms. From chatbots to queue management, we’ve got you covered.

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Digital Customer Service FAQ

Our digital customer service solutions fall within our community management umbrella of services. We provide speedy, efficient, and brand-aligned customer support across any channel you have, whether that’s through text messaging, email, social media channels, or your website. Our customer support specialists support newer platforms as well, from discord to twitch to virtual gaming. Digital customer care is an important part of your broader social and online strategy.

Hiring an agency to provide top-tier digital customer service improves customer satisfaction and online sentiment, improves conversion rates, protects your brand reputation, and costs less than if you were to do it alone by streamlining your service package.

Once we create community guidelines and communication templates that fit your brand voice and business goals, our team is responsible for communicating across channels, 24/7, all year long. We develop a tiered system of issue management. When the issue is worth escalating, you will know it promptly. Our end-of-month reports include data-rich information you can take to improve your marketing efforts and audience understanding across the board.

Our customer service capabilities extend beyond Monday through Friday. We cover your customers all year long, around the clock, and scale to your needs. We have hundreds of team members around the globe so no time zone goes unchecked.

Our pricing model is based on several variables:

What channels are you looking for data from?

Is there a tool or will our team have to manually support gathering data?

What are your business goals?

What kind of cadence are you looking for? Weekly, monthly, or campaign-based?