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Understand and influence your audience in a changing digital landscape

Focus groups – every team has used this trusty research method at one point or another. But today’s audiences demand a different approach for those of you in the entertainment industry. They are more distracted yet discerning. They have limitless options and get to be hyper-choosy about them. They are awash in an ocean of endless content—and play the role of the creator as well.

In the era of the unfocused consumer, the methodologies of yesteryear won’t do. News, media and entertainment organizations must maintain cultural relevance and customer attention by focusing on conversations that matter. With ICUC’s team as your human-led team, you’ll be leading the conversation ONLINE, not following it.

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We allow entertainment companies to source valuable customer insights in real-time

Today’s audiences have limitless options and get to be hyper-choosy about them. As an extension of your team, ICUC’s analytics department gathers in-depth customer insights across news platforms and social channels so you know whose eyes are on your next storyline.

Know what readers want as it happens with social listening

News, media, and entertainment companies spend millions of dollars on campaigns that fizzle out. With ICUC, you’ll gain access to personalized social listening tools to track competitors, monitor news comments, and moderate sentiment so you can gain clarity right now — the only time that matters.

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Keep up with real-time conversations

Shape perception and control the narrative. With ICUC, you get a scalable team of social media engagement specialists with eyes and ears open 24/7/365. We help you transform endless comments and mentions into trackable opportunities for success.


Free up your in-house team

Save money and time by partnering with an A-team of social media managers that support and trust your brand. That way you and your teams can focus on the creative work you do best.


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