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Grow a powerful social presence with high ROI

With the fluctuating profitability of the energy sector, marketers understand that digital marketing efforts must be highly cost-effective and reliable while yielding a high ROI. At ICUC, our global team of social media managers, moderators, and content creators are not only deeply embedded in the energy space, we are also perfectly positioned to grow and promote your social media presence to potential customers.

The irony of the energy sector is that most industrial brands fail to ascertain one highly valuable, untapped resource, ripe for the picking: a trove of audience insights, mined from ICUC’s in-depth social media data analysis. Through our extensive social media listening services, ICUC helps your business identify the pain points of your existing audience segments, and turn that information into new, engaging social media content, with lead conversion at the forefront of our goals.

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Carve your own digital lane in the energy sector

Becoming a thought leader and change maker requires knowing your landscape. A team like ICUC pairs powerful social listening technology with human intelligence, so you aren’t just in the energy conversation, you’re leading it.

Manage and grow a powerful reputation

Discussions about your company are happening online whether you want them to or not. Be a leading voice in the conversation, and put skepticism and concerns at bay with active, tried, and tested online engagement playbooks. ICUC offers full management services of your online reputation, from timely review response to proactive crisis prevention.

Give your audience content they love

Engage one highly valuable, untapped resource: audience insights. ICUC helps you mine and analyze in-depth social media data through our extensive social listening services, and identify the pain points of your existing audience.



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