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With substantial regulatory oversight, disclosure laws, and other regulatory guidelines and requirements, the pharmaceutical sector faces a unique set of challenges, that must be addressed. With an expert social media and customer care team on your side, social media management for pharmaceutical brands goes from daunting and challenging, to safe, secure, and life-saving.

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Lock-in “always-on” protection for patients and brands

Safety and pharmacovigilance matters can appear on social media at any time. At ICUC, we are highly trained in compliance reporting on a global scale. With a 24/7 team, we have the ability to ensure channels are consistently monitored and maintained.

Ensure social media compliance

For pharma brands hoping to build their online reputation, an expert level of social media monitoring is required to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of this complicated industry. We are those experts.

Personalize conversations & build community

ICUC is that expert partner, ready to come alongside your brand in analyzing, developing, and executing community management strategies to drive meaningful interactions and conversations where and when patients or HCPs need it the most.

Listen closely for moments that have impact

By harnessing the power of social listening, we help you track conversations about your brand, competitors, and target audiences. Among many other measures, ICUC can provide your pharmaceutical business with activity reporting, influencer identification, and campaign performance analysis on any scale.


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Social Media Monitoring FAQ

Direct-to-consumer advertising and detailing are no longer sufficient for the modern pharma sector. In the US and UK, up to 20% of physicians now refuse to meet with pharmaceutical sales reps. Through our comprehensive social media platform and customized strategies, ICUC gives you new ways to engage your target audiences.

Regulations make social media marketing a daunting challenge. With ICUC, you have a reliable partner that can guarantee response times and ensures your brand has near-perfect compliance with regulations.

Yes! With ICUC as your strategic partner, your company will produce compelling content that aids in decision support for physicians, provides education to policy-makers, and more. Drive strategic, relevant awareness with the right audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant, niche platforms identified through our analysis of your business.

In the pharmaceutical marketplace, the product is only part of the story. Branding, and the story that you tell, is increasingly important to market share. We let you transform social media data into new ways to broaden your reach and focus your message. With a stronger brand story at your side, we help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Our pricing model is based on several variables:

What volume of content do you need ICUC to manage?
What kind of response time (SLA) are you looking for?
What channels does ICUC need to manage?
Are responses scripted or unique based on situations?
Do you need publishing/scheduling services?
What are your goals?
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