Social Media Audience Insights

Navigate the future with confidence through consumer insights and data.

Show your customers you understand

By performing on behalf of your brand, ICUC’s suite of social media audience insights teams measure, analyze, and track your user’s activity at the most nuanced levels through AI-driven audience insight tools. From specific campaigns to crisis moments, our teams work to provide you with the data you need — from broad level sentiment to exact author demographics.

We’ve built out a seamless onboarding process so our technology dashboards become an extension of your team. With our industry-leading blend of tech and human know-how, we’ll show you what you’re missing and work diligently with you to fill in the gaps on time, every time.

How consumer insights supports your growth

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With ICUC’s full customer insights and service package, Shokz dramatically changed its customer service portfolio:

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What is most impressive is the brand knowledge. When we have team meetings with our ICUC rep, we gain a deep understanding of the social climate for our vertical and our competitors, and we take that information directly to the content and creative teams. Their brand vertical knowledge has been incredible, not to mention the social listening tools and knowing which ones will work for Shokz best.

Colin Greenseich, Social Media & Influencer Manager, Shokz

Consumer Insights FAQ

Our team picks the best AI tools to track and perform social listening on your audience and brand across your owned channels, and any public sphere where your brand is mentioned.

In the space where tools have API limitations or do not exist, our team can layer on manually to help gather additional data for a more robust understanding.

We provide you consumer insights based on your marketing activities – our reports span from weekly activity reporting to specific digital campaign tracking.

From engagement numbers, sentiment, influencer monitoring, share of voice, and more, each data point is hand-selected paired with insights and recommendations on actionable next steps for growth.

Vanity metrics are numerics in social media that are performative and not substantive. Our goal is to uncover data that tells a deeper story about your audience and their relationship with your brand across the digital ecosystem.

The ICUC Insights team is composed of highly-skilled data scientists and journalists. They hunt through the findings and ask curious questions to discover untapped, unobvious opportunities to strengthen your social strategy.

Our pricing model is based on several variables:

What channels are you looking for data from?

Is there a tool or will our team have to manually support gathering data?

What are your business goals?

What kind of cadence are you looking for? Weekly, monthly, or campaign-based?