Enhance Your Brand with Social Media Community Management Services

Attract, nurture and build a robust online customer base with 24/7 community management, spanning 52+ languages.

Engaging customers in your brand voice requires expertise

The online relationship between a company and a customer is precious. To keep and grow a lasting connection, companies need to invest time, energy, and availability. It’s an overwhelming ask, but there’s an easy starting point: Hire experts in community management.

At ICUC we don’t just manage online brand communities, we proactively cultivate & create them. Our community engagement specialists refine your brand persona, grow your customers’ loyalty, and expand your brand visibility through fast and nuanced online interactions — no Instagram comment, Discord message, Tweet, nor chatbot inquiry goes unanswered on our watch.

There are hundreds of billions of people online every day worldwide. Attract and retain the right customers at the right time with ICUC’s 24/7 community management services, at a global scale.

How your brand will benefit from Community Management

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Over a 2-week long campaign, ICUC managed 3,318 total inbound messages

Maintained positive customer sentiment, despite customer confusion

Nurtured and built upon 1,524 total brand engagements


Every year Red Robin honors Veterans with a free burger! It’s Red Robin’s busiest day on social media. In 2021, Red Robin decided to try something different by offering the reward through the loyalty program.


Community Management FAQ

Social media community management services are specialized services aimed at managing and cultivating engagement in a brand’s online community on various social media platforms. These services typically involve content creation, audience interaction, monitoring comments and feedback, and analyzing performance metrics. Their primary objective is to foster a healthy relationship between the brand and its audience, cultivating positive user experiences and brand loyalty

Social media community management services can greatly benefit your business by boosting online visibility, fostering a strong relationship with customers, and gathering insights through customer feedback. They also manage your reputation online, create avenues for new customer acquisition and engagement, and increase traffic to your website.

Managing social media communities involves monitoring, moderating, and guiding conversations happening in these online communities. It also includes analyzing and reporting on these interactions to gain insights and adjust strategies. Furthermore, it involves creating engaging content, responding to inquiries, managing crises, and building relationships with members.

The costs associated with social media community management services can vary widely depending on the size of the community, the platforms used, and the specific services needed. They may include costs for strategy development, content creation, monitoring and moderating interactions, analytics, and community engagement. Additionally, if you’re hiring an outside agency or consultant, their fees would also contribute to the overall cost.