Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Commitments

ICUC’s mission is to remind the world there are humans behind brands.
Reminding the world that there are humans behind brands means we must be relentless in our commitment to fostering and promoting the diverse span of humanity within the global workforce at ICUC.

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DEI Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a safe, supportive and global working community that allows each individual can bring their whole, authentic self to the virtual office every day.
As a dentsu agency, we pursue our mission in accordance with dentsu America’s core pillars and practices:

Our Commitments in Action

Attracting, and developing diverse talent

We are committed to progress through how we attract, onboard, develop, and promote talent at all levels. It is critical that our people have the support and programs where they will be engaged and thrive.

Building Future Leaders

From how we invest our peoples’ careers with ongoing education, to dentsu’s campus recruiting programs and relationships with HBCUs and other diverse student organizations, partnerships with organizations like MAIP, and building internally-developed early career programs within our brands and dentsu’s The Code program for high school students, we’re creating a workforce that is rich in diversity of thought and representation.

Growing Community & Client Impact

We are committed to leveraging our craft to create platforms and social solutions that push reform and drive sustainable change, collaboration, and distributed knowledge all that we learn with clients, partners and our industry community to advance progress.

Deepening Research and Learnings

We work to deepen understanding around anti-racism, anti-sexism and equity in all forms through our educational efforts and BRG events, partnership with organizations like Allyship & Action, and through our craft, such as the research from Strategy teams that provides value and insight to our industry.

Advancing Representation in the Media

We’re drawing awareness of minority-owned,-operated and -targeted media partners and on a mission to advance diversity across media supply chains.

Partnering with Diverse Suppliers

As a dentsu company, we believe our suppliers, like our employees, should have equal opportunity to thrive, and that equitable actions are needed to achieve this. By including and encouraging diverse businesses in our supply chain, we create fair opportunity, promote innovation, and stimulate growth. To learn more, please visit dentsu America’s DEI Report.

Meet ICUC's DEI Team

Our DEI Committee is comprised of 10 dedicated employees led by:

Marème Touré

Director of Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion, dentsu

Tyler Hower

DEI Committee,

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